£20 in... Edinburgh£20 in... Edinburgh

£20 in... Edinburgh

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

“Are ye takin’ yer face fae a shite pal?”

*whispers* “What’s he saying to me?”

“I think he means you look grumpy”

“Time fae another wee cocktail ya bawbag!”

You can have a sweet time in Edinburgh without spending a fortune. It’s not as cheap as the likes of Berlin or Budapest, but it's 30% cheaper than London and you can get everywhere on foot.

Here’s how to spend £20 in Edinburgh...

Free Shiz

Edinburgh’s a bonnie wee place for a wander. It’s got gothic cathedrals, cobbled streets and loads of green space.

In the town (pronounced ‘toon’) there’s Princes Street Gardens, the Royal Botanic Gardens and Inverleith park. All are free to enter, and prime picnicking real estate (insert Scotch egg emoji).

For an even more scenic stroll, follow the Water of Leith down to Dean Village. Most of the architecture round here is from Victorian times and quaint AF.

“There’s nary an animal alive that can outrun a greased Scotsman.”

Challenge a local to a hike up Arthur's Seat. It’s about a 2 hour hike to the top and will do you panoramic views across the city.

"It’s pure pishin’ it doon the day ken,”

The only downside to Edinburgh is the weather generally sucks. But that’s ok - the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art is your new pal. The permanent collection is free to enter (exhibs start at £8) and offers a smatter of everything from Renaissance through to Francis Bacon and Jenny Saville.

Under a fiver

Shite weather means strong coffee shop game. Head to Artisan Roast or La Barantine for a coffee and an eclair.

Alternatively - make like the locals and stop fir a wee bevvie at The Tic (The Antiquary) - there’s never a bad time to call in.

For cheap eats at the weekend head for The Pitt pop-up street food market (£2 to enter) the Buffalo Chicken Burger is award winningly good, there’s also live music, craft beer and summery vibes.

Stockbridge Market on a Sunday (10am-5pm) is a nice spot to nibble macaroons, paella, good cheese and (of course) Scotch Eggs.

Under £10

You can eat VERY well in Edinburgh for not much.

The Walnut on Leith Walk (by the river) does a 2 course £10 lunch (Mon- Sat) of fresh Scottish fair like fish stew and bowls of mussels.

Bell’s Diner is a local institution - it’s been going 20 odd years and offers burgers, chips and salad for around £8.

Under £15

For authentic sushi and ramen, try Maki Ramen (Scotland’s first Japanese appaz). A classic pork Tonkotsu Ramen will set you back £8.50, roughly the same for a plate of sushi.

El Cartel Mexican is a vibesy place to start the night. A couple of frozen margaritas (£7.50 each) in and you’ll easily put away half the menu - but the crispy ox cheek tacos (£7) are the one 👌

Under £20

They love a concept cocktail bar here. Panda and Sons is a traditional barber shop (that doesn’t sell any haircuts, just booze). Hoot the Redeemer is decked out like a 1950s New Orleans fun fair, selling boozy slushies (£6), cocktails (£8) and niche gins (£5 with mixer).

Keep your eyes peeled for Nauticus Bar - opening soon - the barmen will sing you sea shanties while serving you cocktails (if you ask nicely) ⚓

It’ll be hard not to dance after a skinful of cocktails. Cabaret Voltaire (or ‘Cab Vol’) is free into the bar, which plays electronic music, house and disco. If you’re in for the long haul pay a tenner for entry to the downstairs club. Liquid Rooms is also good for live gigs and dj sets, if you don’t mind the odd student (it’s a big student city after all.)

If you’d rather sit and shout obscenities, Edinburgh’s got some excellent stand up comedy. Try The Stand (£10-£12 entry).

Sum Up

You can soak up a LOT of Edinburgh for £20. Wander the parks, galleries and coffee shops on the cheap then get yourself a nice wee bite and a cocktail.

Problem is, you’ll want at least a few rounds of that, so allow for getting carried away.

This one’s a keeper - hit the Lucky button then save this trip for a happier time 💚