England vs Denmark: Travel Face OffEngland vs Denmark: Travel Face Off


Sandi Toksvig or Stephen Fry?
Cinnamon scrolls or hot cross buns?
Hygge or Netflix and chill?

England and Denmark are going head to head in the football and we're celebrating by having a travel faceoff. In true Brit style, we've chosen two underdog cities and pitted them against each other.

Who will come out on top... Billund or Bristol?


Billund, Denmark

Creative capital of Denmark and Lego capital of the world. With its huge sculpture park and teensy textile workshops, you’ll feel like a little lego person one minute and a clumsy giant the next.

Visit traditional bakeries and drink mead (stroong honey wine) at the Viking brewery. Actually don’t drink til after your Legoland visit - that place is trippy enough.

Need to know: This is the original Legoland and it’s made with over 58 million Lego bricks #goals

Do one thing: Find the 1:1 scale model of the Star Wars X-fighter (in Lego obvs)


Bristol, United Kingdom

Bristol is Bath’s younger, edgier sibling. Above deck, pretty boutiques and boats bobbing in the harbour...

But below deck, there are alt art galleries, eco restaurants, and gritty subculture.

Go on the trail of Banksy or get lost in historic Harbourside. The rolling hills of Somerset are a muddy boot stamp away.

Need to know: It’s the UK’s first European Green Capital winner. Gold star, Bristol

Do one thing: Get creative and climate-conscious at the locally-run restaurants and galleries

Who comes out on top?

Like Joachim Löw having a cheeky sniff... all eyes are on you 👀

You've got to choose which of these underdog cities tickles your pickle...