Places with Sea Views: Balearic IslandsPlaces with Sea Views: Balearic Islands


“Yeah if you just hang out of the window and abseil down the building and then rotate your neck 180° you can see the sea…”

That estate agent did you dirty.

When we say ‘sea views’ we mean you’ll be neighbours with Poseidon and on first name terms with the fish. Keep reading for the best sea view stays in the Balearic Islands with availability in either July, Sept, or Oct.

Cliff Watch

The sea is just a starfish throw away from your swanky all-white villa. Float about in the cliffside pool looking out over the sparkly bay.

Wanna look AND touch? Course you do. Just head to the rocky path at the end of the lawn, you’ve got direct access to the sea.

Port of Splendour

POV: it’s day three of your holiday and you’re cradling a jug of sangria to your sunburns. But you’re still in the sun...

The terraces at Port of Splendour will make you a slave to the sun and sea. You’ll be perched above Port d’Andratx - one of the Med’s most beaut spots.

Lemon Sugar

UM. Lemon Sugar is serving Atlantis IRL vibes...

This sun-soaked villa looks like it’s crawled out of the sea. There’s a wraparound terrace, balcony, or you can just walk to the front of the house and dangle your tootsies straight. into. the. sea.

Island Living

SO many sea views your eyes will feel salty…

Stroll around this massive gaff ticking off all the spots where you can peep the waves. Bathroom? Check. Dining area? Double-check. Massive terrace? That’s a full house.

Every Frame a Painting

Boats bob in the harbour and the promenade is lined with palm trees…

Stare out over the melty blue seas as you try and solve the riddle that is this property’s name.

The Ledge

The only VIP section we’re interested in this summer…

The Ledge has its own exclusive cove that you can reach by following a rope handrail down the rugged cliffs. Can’t be arsed with the Bear Grylls shiz? Take it all in from the balcony instead.

Coconut Mojito

Coconut Mojito? Don’t mind if we do.

This fresh-faced pad sits pretty facing the sea. Have your morning coffee out on the terrace as you watch the surfers wrestle with the waves.