WTF is Happening? A Guide to Travel After July 19thWTF is Happening? A Guide to Travel After July 19th

WTF is Happening? A Guide to Travel After July 19th

Brb just getting July 19th 2021 tattooed on my ribcage in Sanskrit…

It’s OFFICIAL. You’ll be able to travel to amber list countries with no quarantine on your return from July 19th 🤯 Zero. Zilch. Nada.

We’re guessing that you have questions. Keep reading for all the answers. But the most important thing? We will eat pasta in Rome again 👏 and do nakey sunbathing on a Mykonos beach 👏 and go thrifting in Brooklyn 👏


Can I go to amber list countries after July 19th?

YES. A big fat YES. With travel cherries on top 🍒

Travellers from England can now visit amber list destinations without having to quarantine on return as long as you’re fully vaxxed. Fully vaccinated means you had your last dose at least 14 days before you’re due to travel.

Where exactly can I go on holiday?

How long have you got?

There are over 100 countries on the amber list including the big dogs - Spain, Greece, Italy, Portugal, and ‘Merica.

BUT remember that countries could impose their own quarantine rules on arrivals from England.

What counts as proof of vaccination?

Yeah, you can’t just call up your nan and get her to vouch for you. These lads will need to see the receipts… by receipts, we mean verification on the NHS app or a certificate.

Do I still need to do tests?

Yep. But before you lose your head, it’s a bit more chill than before 🧊

You’ve still got to take a pre-departure test and a PCR test on day two of your return. But the test of day eight is out. Annnd we can sort you out with £43 PCR tests when you book with us.

So… are there still green and red countries?

Trying to answer this is like trying to explain the ending to Inception...


Basically, if you’re fully vaccinated, the rules are now the same for green and amber list destinations 💚 Red destinations are still a thing (soz, Maldives) so that means hotel quarantine on return.