Hi I'm... IschiaHi I'm... Ischia


Ischia, Italy

Ischia’s like one of those rumours that sounds a little too good to be true…

Forests, vineyards and sizzling hot springs tumble into each other and hang above powdery beaches - Ischia is a total dreamboat 💘

Just off the coast of Naples, you’d think it’d be swarming with tourists (like its big sister Capri) but this little island has always shied from the limelight. It’s time to say buongiorno to Ischia…


The best way to see the island is to pull on a pair of hiking boots and head for the hills. There’s hiking routes snaking through riverbeds, up winding mountainsides and through fields of wildflowers. Start with one of these, then head off on your own.

One way or another you’ll end up at the postcard perfect Castello Aragonese. All sorts have happened within these crumbling walls - nuns were left to rot on stone chairs, big dogs in the Italian unification movement were locked up and Michelangelo used to come here to chirpse a poet-princess…

Snoop round the medieval torture museum but don’t touch anything pointy, fool.


Negombo Spa is what makes Ischia so goddamn special.

It’s a Never Never Land of beaches, pools and natural saunas. There’s even a Japanese Labyrinth Bath for those feeling freaky.

Scooter past leafy forests to arrive in this secret wonderland.

For a side of culture with your chilling, head to La Mortella botanical gardens - Italy’s Garden of Eden.

Inspired by the exotic gardens of Granada’s Alhambra, Charlie Chaplin used to come here for dinner parties. Spend the day exploring and stay on for an evening concert. Open from March to October, check out the programme ahead.


Your staying on an Italian island - bad food is not a thing.

Have a meal with a view at La Grotta di Fiore, at the top of Monte Epomeo. Carved into volcanic rock, this restaurant is the highest point on the island. They do a mean rabbit stew.

Umberto a Mare hangs over the sea and was awarded ‘One of Italy’s Top Ten Views’ - sounds ok... The food is also fab - with local fish delicacies and traditional Italian desserts.


Ischia isn’t exactly a party island (like at all) but La Tavernetta del Pirata is its rowdiest spot. Grab a chilled limoncello from the bar that looks like a pottery museum (careful) and join locals spilling out onto the street. Try not to wretch after a shot of rucolino (alien green liquor).