The Best Eco Hotels in the UKThe Best Eco Hotels in the UK


“I’ve eaten broccoli greener than your last holiday, Karen”

Vegetable-based insults. Always a winner.

We’re here to give you some options that are greener than your breakfast avo. These are the heavyweights bringing their sustainability A-game to the UK hotel scene...

The Green House, Dorset

Naming this place was a piece of piss...

“Why reinvent the wheel? We’re green. We’re a house.”

Everything about The Green House in Dorset is on-brand. And that brand is saving the planet and looking good whilst doing it. This Grade II-listed Victorian villa is set a few blocks from Bournemouth’s beaches. There are beehives on the roof, veggie ink wallpaper, and timber floors made from sustainably managed forests.

The eco treatment is taken all the way from the bevs (sourced from microbreweries) to the bedside tables. These are handmade using either trees knocked down during storms or those felled by Ash tree surgeons. Makes complete sense that Green House has won a bunch of eco awards from the likes of Conde Nast and Expedia. Green star, guys.

The Zetter, London

The Zetter Hotel saw other hotels trying to get in on the eco game and raised them…

Their own frickin bore hole.

Yep, if you stay here all the water you use will have been supplied by the hotels own 1,500-foot bore hole. Making it a self sustaining gem in the middle of London. Mind. Blown. Another nifty eco feature is the occupancy detection system. It sounds creepy, but relax. It basically means when bedrooms are empty minimal energy is burned during those times.

When you stay here you can do your bit too. Opt into the SWAP Housekeeping for Cocktail scheme. This means you’ll forgo housekeeping during your stay (cutting back on power and water consumption PLUS cleaning chemicals). You’ll get a £10 discount on food and drink in return.

The Scarlet, Cornwall

When they were building The Scarlet hotel they rehoused the 120 small reptiles who lived in the old stone wall. And then they sent the leftover materials to a monkey sanctuary…

We’re not crying, you are.

From the get-go, these guys have been serious about sustainability. The building has been angled to get maximum heat and light exposure. Plus there’s a sea thrift plant roof for ecological diversity and natural insulation.

These good eggs have also set up a Community Fund to give a helping hand to worthy projects. So far, Surfers Against Sewage and CoaSTL have benefited. Both organisations focus on sustainable tourism in Cornwall.