How To Do TuscanyHow To Do Tuscany

How To Do Tuscany


Ahh Tuscany. It’s so beautiful you could wake up face-down in a vat of Chianti wearing nothing but a pair of Christmas socks and you’d still feel like you were in a wholesome place.

Rolling hills, lines of cypress trees, classical art, vineyards and peng food - Tuscany’s pretty much got it all. But after you’ve propped up against the Leaning Tower of Pisa, explored the piazzas of Siena and romped around pretty little San Gimignano, what else is there to do?

Strap in, here’s LuckyTrip’s guide for How To Do Tuscany…

Monti dell’Uccellina

The Amalfi Coast can suck it. Northern Italy’s got miles of unspoilt coastline and it isn’t crowded with tourists. Get yourself to Monti dell’Uccellina to see Tuscany’s secret seaside.

Truffles in San Miniato

You know you’ve reached adulthood when your friend gets out M&S truffle crisps at the picnic. Go one better and sniff out the real deal in San Miniato (with the help of a truffle-hungry hound). It’s the white truffle capital of the world 🙌

Make a pilgrimage to La Verna

Find a pocket of calm at La Verna, an 11th century monastery carved into the mountainside and surrounded by spooooky forests.

Get lost in The Uffizi

Stroll through the doors of The Uffizi and you almost bump into a marble Greek hunk. Take a left and there’s a goddess rising from the waves. Turn round and some Biblical hun’s doing a DIY beheading.

Sure, you’re totally lost, but when you’re surrounded by this many masterpieces it’s best never to find your way...

Go walking in the Alpi Apuane

Italy’s Apuan Alps ain’t for noobs. There’s soaring mountains, hundreds of caves and wildlife with teeth. Grab a guide and strap on your hiking boots for the best view over Tuscany.

Chianti wine tasting

There’s an ancient Tuscan saying: ‘the visitor that does not taste the local wine is a massive bellend.’ Let that be a lesson to ya - book in a tasting sesh in the Chianti region, making sure you stop off at medieval postcard town Monteriggioni en route.

Giglio island life

Wait - countryside, vineyards, mountains, beaches AND a splattering of cute islands? Stop it Tuscany, you bleddy show off. Head to Giglio for island vibes without the crowds.

Have a soak at Bagno Vignoni

After all that #ballerislandlife, it’s time for a long soak at Bagno Vignoni, the town with the main square that’s a hot spring. Yup. Grab a towel and jump in, this bubble bath’s freeeeee (use of Matey is NOT encouraged).

Giardino dei Tarocchi

And now for something completely different… If you’re bored of wine and truffles (who the hell are you??) then get yourself to the tiled, fantastical Tarot Garden built by artist Niki de Saint Phalle. There’s a kitchen in a discoball... nuff said.

Sum Up:

Tuscany’s an absolute dreamboat. If you like eating, drinking or seeing, it’s probs the place for you.

The main cities and towns are a treat, but you can find truffley-gold when you stray off the beaten path too.