3 Eco Adventures in... Croatia 3 Eco Adventures in... Croatia


Zagreb, Croatia

Air quality, water cleanliness, and unspoiled landscapes - Croatia is the holy trifecta of sustainable travel.

Here’s a few ways to enjoy its show-off regions without taking a dump all over the planet…

Slavonia's National Parks

Let’s talk about the birds and the bees… Croatia’s packing 8 national parks, countless botanical gardens, wetlands, and animal habitats.

Cycle or stroll along the dusty paths at The Kopački Rit Nature Reserve in Slavonia for rivers dotted with lilies and poplar forests.

Work on your bird call - there are over 290 species here.

Dolphins in Lošinj

'Cause we were like, 'woaaaah', and I was like 'woaaaah' and you were like 'woaaahh...'

Lošinj is Finding Nemo IRL.

The Adriatic Dolphin Project works to study and protect the dolphins.

There’s a Marine Education Centre with exhibits, presentations, and lectures - plus a Sea Turtle Rescue Centre.

Kanegra's Best Beach

When you go Blue Flag you can never go back…

The Blue Flag is an eco-award for water quality and environmental management - Basically the waters so clear you can see Spongebob and his mates flipping krabby patties.

Kanegra Beach is the full banana boat of shady trees and sparkling see-through water. Oh and there’s a nudist spot 400m away.

See? Au naturel everything.