The beaches of Cabo de GataThe beaches of Cabo de Gata


Almeria, Spain

Like a virgin...

Visit the untouched land of broken volcanic cliffs, hidden coves and spanking clean beaches.

Just an hour down the coast from Almeria, you’ll find a national park so beautiful you’ll want to claw your eyes out and display them in a jar.

The Cabo de Gata National park is a nature freak’s special place. Massive multi-coloured cliffs melt into golden sand dunes and cacti and palm trees line the shore.

It’s like something from an Indiana Jones film. Probably cos it was actually the backdrop of an Indiana Jones film.

There’s world-famous dive sites (40 of them!) around the UNESCO marine reserve including the underwater chamber at Cerro Negro.

Or stay on land to find volcanic coves and long stretches of rippling sand.

Mónsul beach (above) is a locals favourite.

In summer you’ll have to share the best known beaches, but walk far enough in any direction and you’ll find hidden patches of sand free from wandering nudists.