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We’ve got a new shiny feature ✨ And it’s going to blow those bamboo socks clean off. Or is it 100% polyester? Whatever. You sock however you want.

Point is…your travel treasure hunt is over. With our new feature you can get reaaaalllyy specific and search by destination, region, or Covid restrictions.

Search by: Countries

Ideal for when you've got a country or two in mind (yep, you can choose multiple), this one does what it says on the tin...

Hit the 'Countries' button and we'll give you everything from Albania to the US. Choose your faves and hit the Lucky button. We'll whip you up a dreamy trip to your destination of choice - like spa hopping in Hajdúszoboszló.

Search by: Regions

So you wanna tan your baps on a beach in The Med? Or explore Eastern Europe's bohemian and brutalist architecture?

Say no more. We got you. Our new feature lets you search by regions like The Alps, The Med, and Eastern Europe.

Search by: Green List

Booking a holiday in covid times is like trying to figure out what happened at the end of Inception. IMPOSSIBLE. Instead of screaming at Chris Nolan for the answers, come to us.

With our new feature you can select whether you want to see exclusively green list destinations. Or maybe you want to throw some hot sauce, AKA amber list destinations, in the mix? Das okay too.

No trip is too niche. No travel kink is too weird.

You can find our Where To search feature where you pick your dates and filter options. All you loose cannons who like to lucky dip it? Relax. You can still smash that button until your heart's content and go on random adventures.