Sweden The Drinkable Country: Part 2Sweden The Drinkable Country: Part 2


Open-air drinking in Sweden. Exactly like your local boozer...

Only you're surrounded by fresh air. AND these ingredients have been plucked from the great outdoors only moments before. AND a lot of these bevs are alcohol-free. Health is wealth, guys.

Last week we took a trip to the world’s largest open-air bar where you can sit in scenic spots, forage for native ingredients, and make your own bevs. This week we’re back with another 3 of our fave places to drink in Sweden...

Liehittäjä, Swedish Lapland

You’re heading to a subarctic setting for this knee’s up. Your table is nestled away in an old śami reindeer camp close to a hideaway eco-lodge and Arctic forest trails. Combine your cocktail with salmon fishing on the Kalix River or a tasting hike in the Tornedalen Valley.

Nyköping, Sörmland

Leave the baby-size Pringle tub behind and head straight from Skavsta Airport to the Nyköping table in just seven minutes. It’s hard to believe you’re only an hour from Stockholm as you coast-hop across uninhabited islands, waving at the seals and sea eagles as you go. Added bonus? This table is by a castle (öster malma) where you can spend the night.

Ven, Skåne

Ven is a pocket rocket island in the far south of Sweden, exploding with showoff nature. Cosy bakeries selling doughy, cinnamon knots lead to cliff paths that slip down into white sand beaches. Your table is sitting pretty in a wheat field, with ingredients foraged from the sea. This is where Poseidon comes to recharge.

Image Credits:
Niklas Nyman/Visit Sweden
Gustaf Björlin/Badass Food Stories/Visit Sweden
Anna Hållams/imagebank.sweden.se
Tina Stafrén/imagebank.sweden.se

Psst! Like the arctic berries in your drink, these images are here to give you a flavour of what to expect.