3 Eco Adventures in... Finland3 Eco Adventures in... Finland


Lapland, Finland

187,888 lakes, more saunas than cars, and a wife-carrying championship - first prize takes home their wife's weight in beer… 🍻

Makes total sense that Finland is the World’s Happiest Country (2019) 🏆

Here’s how to enjoy all the snowy plains, reindeers, and arctic wild food without knocking these guys off the top spot and pissing off mother earth 🌍

Pyhä-Luosto National Park

Lapland, Finland

"Jokes will not be appreciated." Your Finnish tour guide Johannes doesn't have time for your shit…

It’s pronounced poo-haa. Yes, the Finns get it. No, they don’t find it funny 🙄

Pyhä-Luosto National Park is a talcum powder wonderland that protects nature and indigenous culture - also adorable reindeer and 400 year-old trees 🌳 Hike around this real-life Narnia and tag on a guided tour of the Amethyst Mine for violet quartz dreaminess 😍

Not enough eco? Nearby Pyhätunturi (10 min drive) has floating saunas, snow caked slopes, and Finland's first carbon neutral ski resort 🏅This guy runs on hydropower and converts waste into energy in an eco-power plant 🏭

Foraging in Pallas-Yllästunturi

Lapland, Finland

These guys are all about minimising food air miles and eating local 🛩

Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park and Lake Jerisjärvi are foraging treasure troves - You’ll be scavenging for berries, edible plants, and mushrooms just like Bear Grylls, but without the piss-drinking 👍

Swig local Chaga mushroom tea, eat Finnish rye bread sarnies, and smash through sweet homemade rolls 🍄 Optional extras? Hello, overnight stay and a sauna by the lake 👋

It’s three hours from Santa’s neck of the woods (Lapland) but well worth the drive 🎅

Eco Camping Nuuksio National Park

Lapland, Finland

“I. Don’t. Like. Camping”

“but what if we were floating in the trees like some space-age UFO?...”

“I’m listening…”

Nuuksio National Park has an EcoCamp where you sleep in the trees like a Finnish Koala 🐨 Zip your triangle space-pod-thing open each morning and beat your chest like Tarzan - your officially one with nature 🐒

Rent an Indian canoe and paddle out onto the lake 🚣 Explore the forest-y nooks and hidden beaches.

Every Tentsile Tree Tent sold means a tree is planted, these guys also sell pre-loved tents 🌱