Our Green List Picks: Part 2Our Green List Picks: Part 2


Like a pageant for green list countries, we're parading these supermodel destinations about for your pleasure...

Finland, Switzerland, The Azores, Denmark, Lithuania. Collect your rosettes, guys. You earnt 'em.

We're giving your holiday search a headstart by telling you about some of our fave green list destinations. Prefer to go your own way? Alright, Fleetwood Mac - hit the button at the bottom of the page for a Lucky (geddit?) dip destination...


We like: Lugano

Where there are lakes, there are ballers. Lake Como, Lake Garda… Lake Lugano’s no different. It’s been dubbed the “Monte Carlo” of Switzerland for its Michelin star restaurants and Armani-smelling mountain dwellers. It’s not all showy though. Grottos serve authentic fare for a decent price and local hikers aren’t afraid to get dirty on the climb up Mount Bre. Even though these guys are right on Italy’s border, they claim they’re still ‘Swiss and free” (lol). It’s just an hour’s drive from Milan.


We like: Bled

“Could you take a photo of us snogging in front of the church? Make sure you get the swans in.” Sigh. Bled reels in honeymooners with its emerald green lake, teeny island and medieval Disney castle but you don’t have to be shacked up to enjoy this Slovenian nirvana. Gondola through its dreamy waters or whitewater raft down Vintgar Gorge’s gushing rapids. Dry off with a cake and cocktail at a 19th century villa on your way back.


We like: Sibenik

Sibenik’s like a historical lasagne. There’s candy coloured new-builds, post-war tower blocks and Medieval castles all smushed on top of each other. It’s less busy than Croatia’s big boys, but with all the same twinkly, historical charms. Pootle about its ancient streets, dodging vespas and fishermen. You’re never lost when there’s leafy squares and ice-cream parlours round every corner.


We like: Helsinki

Helsinki is a mashup of old and new, hot and cold, svelte and silly. The Baltic Sea surrounds and inspires the city’s cutting-edge design scene. Walk past grand art nouveau buildings and melt into wood-fired saunas. There’s something spiritual and refreshingly original about this Nordic newbie.


We like: Oslo

“Ha det bra” (Have it good!) Stunning people, forest beaches, rooftop bars, a buzzing design scene and an Olympic bobsleigh track. Yeah, Oslo has it alright… Don your fake designer sunglasses and head for Grünerløkka where organic cafes morph into jazz clubs at night. The islands circling the city are the ideal place to swim or hike - Norwegians are mad for that outdoor life.


‘Europe’s least visited country’ Liechtenstein’s like that kid who never gets picked for the basketball team. But what the lil guy lacks in size he makes up in mountains and medieval castles. Back in 2011 you could rent the whole country for £70,000 a night and go wine tasting with the Prince... Head to the capital Vaduz to snoop round the royal wine cellars or to Malbun for a Sunday ski. Fly to Zurich and get an hour’s train.

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