3 Eco Adventures in... Switzerland3 Eco Adventures in... Switzerland


Bern, Switzerland

World’s first solar-powered ski lift, cable car, and carbon-neutral bobsled… the Guinness World Record people are sick of going to Switzerland 🙄

If you thought it was all yodelling in the hills and smashing cheese and chocolate you’d be… only kinda right 🧀

The Swiss are Europe’s most regular railway users and most of their public transport is powered by hydroelectric 🚄 Here’s how to visit the land of holey cheese without flipping mother earth the bird… 🖕

Caviar Greenhouse

Bern, Switzerland

"You know what this tropical greenhouse in the Alps needs? More caviar..."

So Swiss.

Tropenhaus Frutigen are eco wizards 🏔 They use geothermal energy from the Lötschberg's water to breed and grow fish and fruit 🍊 Mountain water caviar? Practically good for you.

They’ve received the Zurich Climate Prize and awards for sustainability and innovation 🏆 Stroll around the tropical gardens then hit up the restaurant for fresh caviar and candlelit dining 🍽

Kandersteg Hike

Bern, Switzerland

Swiss Ibex (basically deer with massive horns) will keep you company on snow scattered trails that twist around ice-blue lakes… Kandersteg is the closest you’re getting to heaven 👼

Head to the International Scout Centre to set up base before hiking. These guys have an eco room with environmental exhibits and a policy to minimise their environmental impact 🍃

Kandersteg doesn’t have a bad angle 📸 Wooden chalets sit beside fluffy forests and rocky peaks 😍 Want to see a mountain lake straight out of Heidi? Introducing, Lake Oeschinen… you’ll like her.

Fondue Ferry

Basel, Switzerland

A fondue ferry… Basel’s answer to a booze cruise. You stay classy, Switzerland 💅

There are five bridges spread out across the Rhine with four ferries - Wilde Maa, Leu, Vogel Gryff, and Ueli 🛥 Choose your ride and travel along the river - powered by just a steel cable and the river’s natural current 🌊

Your ferryman will tell you tales of the city and the Rhine while you do your pig-at-a-trough impression by the fondue pot. 100% eco-friendly, but probs not one for your lactose intolerant mate.