Hi… I’m The AzoresHi… I’m The Azores

Hi… I’m The Azores

São Miguel, The Azores, Portugal

The Azores are a splatter of paradise that dripped down from heaven.

These treasure islands out in The Atlantic have hot springs, volcanic walks, dreamy lakes and an ocean full of whales and dolphins.

Jet into São Miguel, the biggest of the islands, and unleash your inner explorer. The world is your playground...

THAT lake

If you buy a postcard of The Azores, chances are it’s going to have Sete Cidades Lake in prime position.

On a clear day, hike up and gaze over the wonder of Mother Earth 💅

Whale watching


That’s whale speak for ‘nice volcano’.

Catch a boat from São Miguel to spot sperm, fin, sei and humpback whales, as well as dolphins and turtles.

Island inception

You’ve seen it on those furious late night #earthporn searches, now it’s time to swim in its silky waters.

Ilhéu de Vila Franca is an island with a circle bay, perfect for swimming with the fishies.

Grab a boat to this Nature Reserve from Vila Franca marina and make sure you leave no trace (obvs).

This is screensaver levels of natural beauty.

Volcano stew

You know what’s better than stew? Stew that’s been cooked inside a motherflipping volcano.

Try traditional Cozido das Furnas at Terra Nostra hotel - there’s free entry to the national park and thermal pool as side dishes.


A wise man said ‘where there is volcano, there is also wine’.

Sure, he was pissed as a fish, but he wasn’t wrong. The minerals in the earth from ‘canos help grapes grow fruity and extra delish.

Head to Quinta da Jardinete family vineyard for glasses of the good stuff. It doesn’t get more local than this.

Tea plantation

If you’re more Earl Grey than Chardonnay, head to Europe’s only tea plantation, Gorreana.

Sure, it sounds like an archaic STI, but its been making mugs of the good stuff since 1883 and it dishes them out for freeeeee.

Hot spring

Like a shampoo advert come to life, the natural hot springs at Caldeira Velha are the perfect place for a scrub.

Step into the 35ºC waters (loofahs and rubber ducks are discouraged…)

Hot sea

If you’ve got a taste for bathing with strangers, the fun doesn’t stop at the springs.

The wafts of warm water in the sea at Ponta da Ferraria are heated by a geothermal natural spring.

In high tide you won’t feel it, in low tide you’ll singe your gooch. Aim for somewhere in the middle.

I bet they shit gold too...

Nope, but they have made sure only 5% of the land is built on and 75% of their energy comes from renewable sources. They were even named the world’s top destination for sustainable tourism.

The Azores. Fair play.