Baller Stays in West SwedenBaller Stays in West Sweden


Gothenburg, Sweden

More baller than a DiCaprio boat party…

These unique stays are a place to get close to nature, recharge after a stressful year, and (let’s be real) show off all over the gram.

Fly by helicopter, skinny dip in the lake, and sleep under the star in a glass cabin. Here’s our top baller island stays in Sweden...

BREAKING: Sweden is now open to Brits! The entry ban and testing requirement have been lifted for fully vaccinated travellers from the UK. Read more here.

Pater Noster

Y'know what's baller? Being included in the good bag at The Oscars.

Pater Noster is the KING of lighthouse on a titchy islet flung out to sea. It’s exposed and wind bashed (not swept, bashed) - so trips here involve a helicopter or RIB boat from the mainland. Whilst the landscape and sea are wild, the accommodation is luxe.

There are nine rooms at the lodge. A double room includes homemade breakfast, a guided tour of the island, Swedish seawater hot tubs, a lighthouse visit, and a seafood feast for dinner. This is one for adventure-seekers, nature-lovers, and those who like there seafood flapping fresh.

Väderöarnas Värdshus & Konferens

I need to be ALONE.

Yep. This far-flung archipelago is tossed out in the sea and you need to take the ferry to get here. Väderöarna (“The Weather Islands”) are a dreamy group of islands in the west archipelago in Sweden off Fjällbacka, in Bohuslän. This nature reserve is all about getting up close and personal with nature. Hike, swim, watch seals and sea-birds and smash flapping fresh seafood.

You’ll be staying at (deep breath) Väderöarnas Värdshus & Konferens. It’s a charming inn with wooden floors and Nat Geo sea views. The guys here can sort you out with diving, boat trips, canoes, and wood-fired saunas.

72 Hour Cabins

Ohhhh. So when you said, “submerge me in nature”, you didn’t mean literally? Go figure.

This glass cabin is perched above Lake Iväg in West Sweden on its very own peninsula. It’s the retreat where you get to spend 72 hours acting out your back-to-nature fantasies. You’ll get basic equipment and access to the nearby activity centre for your meals.

Days here are spent rowing out on dawn fishing trips, toasting marshmallows on an open fire, and taking a dip in the outdoor bathing area. You can add on horseback trekking, kayaking tours, and a beaver safari for an added cost.

Book through Dalslands Aktiviteter here.

Salt & Sill

“Err is my hotel bobbing about… or is that the lunchtime schnapps-tasting talking?”

Salt & Sill is Sweden’s first floating hotel on an island you can’t pronounce - Klädesholmen - with just 385 inhabitants. It might be a titch but this island punches well above its weight. The hotel restaurant is stupidly talented - winning a bunch of awards for it’s sustainable west Swedish seafood (specifically the herring plate).

Once you’ve had your fill, head to your Scandi style room and take the bathing steps down to the sea for a dip. It’ll freeze ya nip tips clean off. BUT you can follow up with a sauna or sloth about on the rooftop deck.

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