Hamburg's Warehouse DistrictHamburg's Warehouse District


Hamburg, Germany

“Do you like exposed brickwork and converted warehouses?”

Not a hipsters anonymous meeting…👨🏭

This, is Hamburg’s Warehouse District. The OG of the industrial look.

The proper name is Speicherstadt but nobody can say that after five craft beers - so stick to Warehouse District 🍻

Built from 1883 to 1927 this is the largest one in the world and it has a shiny UNESCO World Heritage badge to prove it 🏅

Spindly canals twist around Neo-Gothic buildings. There are 17 warehouses in total where merchants used to pull up and sell coffee, tea, chocolate, and spices 🍫

Straight up German Del Boy vibes.

These days museums have replaced chocolate traders and your more likely to see a tripod stand than crates of saffron.

Tick off the German Customs Museum before heading to Miniatur Wunderland model railway...

Teeny tiny ant-size gondolas sail along the worlds largest model train exhibit and the Scandinavian mountains are pavlova-sized 🐜 These mini worlds will blow your mind 💣

Finally, hit the Museum of Coffee for industrial roasting equipment, coffee grinders, and a cosy little cafe with a caffeine-friendly gift shop ☕

Not about culture and coffee? These buildings with turret tops and arched windows are photogenic af. Obscure insta angles has your name on it 📸