Zadar's Arty Seafront Zadar's Arty Seafront


Zadar, Croatia

Two seafront art installations. One man.

If only we could all be a little bit more like Nikola Bašić, the eco-artist behind Zadar’s creative, nature-dependent artworks.

Sea Organ

“Do youuUUuu speak whaAAAle?”

Cos that would help. Bašić’s Sea Organ sounds eerily like the moaning calls of a whale family 🐋

Waves and wind slosh and whistle through different sized tubes to create the bizarre effect.

Simply lie by the harbour and be hypnotized.

Greetings to the Sun

Bow down to the almighty sun God at Zadar’s solar powered disco ball.

A tribute to the solar system, the tiles light up as the sun sets in a multi-coloured glow.

The installation collects enough energy to power the harbour street lights.