Chasing Vincent van GoghChasing Vincent van Gogh


‘Starry, starry night…’

Vincent van Gogh is one of the most popular artists of all time, splashing colour and feelings around like a horny glow worm.

Despite mental health issues, he chased sunflowers, haystacks and stars until the end. Van Gogh’s more than just a print on your old uni bedroom wall, he’s the people’s artist. There's a new immersive exhibition on him, but you can also find him across Europe.

Here’s how to follow in Vincent van Gogh’s footsteps...

Van Gogh's Trail


While living in Arles, Vincent painted 300 of his most famous works, including The Night Café and Starry Night over the Rhône… and you find it hard to find the remote to switch on Come Dine With Me.

But all that productivity came at a cost - Arles was also the city where Vincent chopped off one of his ears, then gave it to a brothel maid. Oh, Vincey.

Follow Arles’ Van Gogh Trail to see his fave painting spots IRL.

Van Gogh's Bicycle Path

Eindhoven, Netherlands

Alright, Vincent may not have actually been here, but you can bet your ear that if he was alive he’d be free-wheeling down here nightly.

This cycle path in Eindhoven recreates van Gogh’s starry night with solar-powered glow stones.

It was created by Daan Roosegaarde, who has a thing for art and sustainable energy (what a bloke), for Van Gogh’s 125th anniversary 💘

Van Gogh's Bedroom


After Van Gogh’s suicide, the landlords of Ravoux Inn never rented out his room.

Bad news for their income, great news for van Gogh groupies (the official term is Goghpies).

You can see Vincent’s attic bedroom, eat seven-hour lamb stew in the same restaurant as him, then explore picturesque little Auvers-sur-Oise. So picturesque, you may recognise a few of the sights