How To Do SicilyHow To Do Sicily

How To Do Sicily

Palermo, Italy

Ah Sicily… it’s like someone smushed the best bits of Italy into one concentrated island.

There’s peng AF beaches, views for days, history, food and wine. Ignore the pesky Mafia and it’s basically paradise.

You’ll need a car to explore properly and even then it’s going to be tough to get round it all. Like a 90’s rapper you’re going to have to choose East Coast or West. But let's face it, you’re probs still going to have to stay for an extra week… month… year… to see everything little Sicily has to offer.

Here’s LuckyTrip’s guide on How To Do Sicily...

Ancient Ruins

The Valley of the Temples in Agrigento was always impressive, with its Ancient Greek ruins that are (whisper it) kinda better than the ones in Greece. The addition of otherworldly bronze statues by artist Igor Mitoraj have made the whole thing even more drop-dead-wowzer.

The Greek Theatre of Taormina has seen everything - classical theatre, sporting games, gladiator fights to the death and Noel Gallagher. Catch a show or just look out over the Calabrian coast and Mount Etna.

All the Sicilian ruins have got epic names, and the Rocky Necropolis of Pantalica is no exception. It’s a spooktastic set of 5,000 tombs hacked into the cliff-face, dating back to that fuzzy mythology time Homer wrote about in his Odyssey. Hike up and peep inside the tombs if you dare.

Get in my eyeballs

If the White Cliffs of Dover ever went above 25 degrees… Scala dei Turchi is a ripple of limestone in Agrigento that looks like nature’s stairway to heaven.

It’s hard to choose one pretty town in this island of towns that look good enough to lick - Val di Noto is an area with eight of the most ridiculously good looking.

Thought windmills were just for the Dutch? Get yourself to Trapani where these scenic beauties lie next to Pablo Escobar sized piles of salt.


Are you a goddam weirdo? Sicily’s got you. Visit the Capuchin Catacombs of Palermo to meet it’s horribly well-preserved mummies. That one looks just like Auntie Gladys...

Puppets are big in Sicily. Palermo’s got the freakay Museo Marionette and Syracuse has regular shows at the Piccolo Teatro dei Pupi. Both are kind of disturbing.

Finish off at Bar Turrisi, Catania’s very own dick cafe. There’s dick statues, dick taps, dick lamps, dick-shaped menus and dick armchairs. Careful what you order...

More than a beach

Cefalu is one of the prettiest beach towns in Sicily, famous for being in classic film Cinema Paradiso.

San Vito lo Capo in Trapani is Sicily’s beach resort, in the nook where aquamarine seas meet Monte Monaco.

Lo Zingaro Nature Reserve is the Gerard Butler of Sicily - rugged and handsome, it’s best just to dive straight in *wink*


Sicilian wine used to be total plonk. But these days it’s cleaned up its act - the best can be found in wineries in the shade of Mount Etna.


In Sicily you’ll be hard pushed to find a bad meal. Make sure you try arancini (street food rice balls), pasta con le sarde (pasta with sardines and fennel), pasta allo scoglio (seafood pasta), cannoli (like a brandy snap filled with sweet ricotta) and granita (slush puppy turned up to 11).

For the best dessert on the island, head to Caffe Sicilia - trust.

Sum Up:

Beaches, nature, picturesque towns. Fresh pasta, gelato, homegrown wine.

How to do Sicily? Just… do Sicily.