Black Friday - Battle RoyaleBlack Friday - Battle Royale


For Black Friday we’re giving you a discount on our trips. How much? You decide. You’ll be playing six games over on our Instagram. For each round you win we'll bump up the discount and add it to the pot...

NOTE: Unlike red light, green light - losers won't get picked off by a sniper.

At the end of the rounds you’ll walk away with a fat discount to use on trips to sunny Santorini, snowy Trømso, and lots lots more. Do you want to play? 👇

The Rules

Get yourself over to our Instagram page...

🦑 The pot begins with 10% off already in it.

🦑 You’ll work as a team. No need to pick off the oldies, guys. Whether or not you win or lose a round depends on how the majority answers. So you could individually drop the ball but if the majority answers correctly - you’re gravy.

🦑 There will be six rounds. One on every day leading up to Black Friday. (Turn on your notifications!) For each round you win we’ll top up the pot by 2% off each time.

🦑 The big reveal? Black Friday. But you’ll be able to see your pot filling up as you play each day. Discount is only redeemable at the end of all 6 rounds.


Dress code?
Green tracksuits optional.

I'm scared. Can I leave the game early?
Only if the majority votes to. No second chances, no takesy backsies.

Will the winners get some honeycomb?
No. You’re getting a massive discount off at the end of the 6 rounds. Greedy.