Alt America: Here's Where To GoAlt America: Here's Where To Go


Supersize me...

Ahhh, America. Where spray cheese is a way of life and The Statue of Liberty keeps her peepers on passers-by.

We’ve chosen some of our fave indie neighbourhoods to kickstart your USA holiday search.

Bushwick, NYC

A neighbourhood on the rise - but that doesn’t mean gentrified coffee shops. Think, authentic taco stalls run by three generations of the same fam and a ballsy art scene. Plus the obligatory vintage thrifting.

Our fave spot for eats is Nene’s Deli Taqueria. Get the Birria tacos, they come with a meaty, herby dipping sauce that’s so good it's drinkable.

Andersonville, Chicago

Chicago, that you? Andersonville is a peaceful slice of small town vibes in bustling Chicago. There’s dreamy 19th century architecture and a bunch of local businesses to tuck into.

There’s a strong immigrant culture here - with Swedish bakeries, Irish bars, and Middle Eastern eats. Make for Clark Street, this is where you’ll find all the best bits.

Our hitlist? Cowboy and Astronauts for clothes, Women and Children First for feminist literature, AlleyCat for comics and Anderson Galleria for local artists.

Mission District, San Francisco

“Every district has its own personality…”

YAWN. Turns out your mum’s mate that visited San Fran once is right. Annoying, but right. This guys has more personalities than your ex - but we’ve got a firm fave.

Mission District is where bright young things and upstarts come to start restaurants and find their fortune. Dandelion Chocolate is a must - it’s a chocolatier in an industrial-looking building. Tell me you’re a millennial without telling me you’re a millennial… Trick Dog does cocktails based on Pantone colours and zodiac signs. We challenge you to have just one.