Safari, Skiing, and the Sámi PeopleSafari, Skiing, and the Sámi People


Excessive alliteration. Ya love to see it 🙄

Dalarna is much classier than the title of this post. If you’ve seen a dreamy pic of Sweden, it was probably taken in Dalarna. This guy is basically all the best bits of Sweden smooshed and concentrated down into one amazing thing... Like tomato puree 🍅

It’s got rust-red, tin-roofed houses, epic Midsummer celebrations, and miles of dreamy landscape to spot wildlife in and ski through. WHERE YOU BEEN ALL OUR LIVES, DALARNA?


Land Before Time in real life…. without all the T-Rex.

This is where eagle owls soar and beavers get busy (not like that) on icy lakes. Take an elk tour to see the King of The Woods snuffling about in fluffy forests 👑 Or, head to Avesta Visentpark and spy endangered bison up close. Spoiler: they’re MAHOOSIVE.

“I want to see animals that can rip you apart with a single swipe...”

Bit intense, but alright.

Orsa Rovdjurspark is Dalarna’s predator park. These guys are all about species conservation, research, and education. Come to see Persian leopards, Amur Tigers, and Kodiak bears 🧸 Now we’re cooking with gas.


“Ohhhh… that’s what you call a ski resort? Cute.”

Dalarna is basically lol-ing at the rest of the world as they sit pretty on supermodel ski slopes 💅 Pick your poison - cross country skiing, alpine, snowboarding - this is catnip for sports enthusiasts.

We like Sälenfjällen for downhill skiing, Idre for early snow, Borlänge for state-of-the-art facilities, Orsa for the fam, Ludvika for wilderness vibes, and Falun for scenic slops.

Skate on this icy network of frozen lakes. It may as well be Kate Moss’ face 😍 It’s that ridiculously gorgeous.

Öje is the place to go for Nordic skating. It’s dotted with pint-sized islands each more beautiful than the last. Stop for fika (coffee and cake) as you skate along this winter wonderland.


“Ice flow nowhere to go lost in the blinding whiteness of the Tundraaaaaa”

One for the Boosh fans. The Sámi are indigenous people who live in a snowglobe of icing sugar mountains, tumbling rivers, thick forests, and tundras. They live off the land and don’t exploit their natural resources. In short - they got smarts.

Idre in Dalarna is Sweden’s southernmost Sámi village. Come here to visit reindeer, go on sledding trips, and learn about the Sámi way of life.