£20 in Bergen£20 in Bergen

£20 in Bergen

Bergen, Norway

“That’s 108 Kroner please”

"Wait... that’s £10... For 3 bottles of tonic water?!"

“Yes. It’s 108 Kroner.”

Uh oh.

But who needs tonic water when you’ve got pastel coloured wooden houses and the mighty Norwegian wilderness?

Let's find out just how far £20 will get you in Norway’s second city...

Stay Outdoors

You’re surrounded by seven fjords and seven hills, and they’re free for all to see. Walk up Mount Fløyen, for panoramic views across the bay. You can walk into the woods at the top and see actual toadstools.

Or you can take the funicular up. It’s a classic Bergen thing to do and you get to glide up above the trees. (£7)

For those who like a sweatier, more vertical hike, take the big stone steps up Stoltzekleiven. The record time to the top is 7 minutes.

If you’re feeling a bit baller and would like to see the fjords from a boat instead of from the top of a mountain, hop on a cruise. It's way out of a £20 budget (they’re upwards of £50 for 3 hours) but the views are jaw-smacking.

Go for a look around

Strolling around Bergen is free. Always has been, probs always will be. And luckily there’s loads of oldy-worldy-scandi-fishing-village fun to be had at the harbour.

The Hanseatic wharf is a UNESCO world heritage site, with Medieval boathouses along the waterfront. They’re filled with potters, jewellers, artists and leather crafters. Stick to looking not buying, unless you want to razz your whole £20.

At the fish market they’ll give you free samples of smoked fish and shark. Wave at the lobsters and scope out what you fancy eating (then buy it just as fresh at the supermarket for cheaper).

Eating & Drinking

Don’t set your sights on doing too much of this. For £20 you can eat out, or drink but not both.

For eating: Pygmalion’s an eco friendly restaurant- slash- gallery which does local food, local art and live music. It’s about £17- £20 a dish (which is decent for here). Try the cheesecake.

For drinking: Bar Barista is a cracked out Mad Hatters tea party. There’s dangling puppets to chat to, umbrellas to sit under and even a nude portrait of the owners on the back wall. A pint’s roughly £7. Alternatively, Ferdinan på engen has a chilled vibe and thin pizzas (£17 ish).

Head to the supermarket instead, and live off cheap caviar and the local brown cheese (it tastes like the lovechild of a cow and a box of fudge).

The Systembolaget (official booze shop) is your friend for cheaper plonk, you can buy wine for £8 upwards. Head there before dark when it closes.

Sum up

You’ll have razzed through £20 before you can say 'Systembolaget'. BUT it’s just so pretty here, you won’t really mind. Spend your time hiking up mountains, pottering round the harbour sniffing in that squeaky clean scandi air 🌲 🏔