3 New York Desserts3 New York Desserts

3 New York Desserts

New York, United States

Is there anything better than eating so much sugar you have to Talk To Frank?

The USA (land of supersize portions) is the best place to satisfy your sweet tooth. Slurp through these desserts in New York to celebrate Thanksgiving - brain freeze means you're doing it right.

Tipsy Scoop

Sure, everyone's had a scoop of rum n raisin at their nan's house. But this is different, trust.

Tipsy Scoop does exactly what is says on the pot, with ice cream that gets you as sloshed as a light beer. (Eleven scoops it is then, wayoo 🍻 )

Flavours include dark chocolate whisky salted caramel, hot buttered rum and cake batter martini. It’s OK if you just came.

The Tipsy Scoop Barlour opens in Manhattan on the 7th of May.


If you’re a fan of waffles, dodgy puns and desserts shaped like bubble-wrap, Wowfulls is for you. Traditional Hong Kong waffles are given a New York twist - i.e. slathered in ice cream.

Choose your waffle flavour (matcha if you're feeling fancy), then go Bruce Bogtrotter on the toppings - ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate, fruit and sprinkles. No one’s judging (it's America).

Wowfulls is in the Lower East Side.

Cookie Dō NYC

A burst of the squits can really put a dampener on your day. Which is why owner Kristen Tolman decided to take the salmonella out of cookie dough eating, with this pasteurised and heat-treated recipe.

You eat the chilled dough like ice cream: in tubs, cones, milkshakes or dessert sandwiches. Plus, there’s gluten-free and vegan options.

Cookie Dō NYC cafe is in Greenwich Village.