Greek Myths... in real lifeGreek Myths... in real life

Greek Myths... in real life

Incest, bestiality and patricide - the Greek Gods were rowdier than a late-night special of Hollyoaks.

Who WOULDN’T want to get involved?

Thank Zeus, there’s still a few places left from the age of Minotaurs, burnt wings and snakey-haired ladies…

Here’s where to find the Greek Myths… in real life.

Mount Olympus - Home of the Gods

Thessaloniki, Greece

The twelve big-dawg Greek Gods lived on Mount Olympus in what probably resembled your uni flatshare, but with added sex and drugs. Scaling to the summit might result in a kiss from Aphrodite’s fair lips… orrrr from ‘the only ugly god’ Hephaestus. Poor sod.

Experienced hikers can climb its peaks solo, but amateurs should go with a guide.

Mount Olympus is a 3 hour drive from Thessaloniki.

Kommos - The Minotaur’s Labyrinth

Crete, Greece

Every year King Minos would let young men and women into his labyrinth for a little jolly… until they were eaten by his step-son, the half bull-half man Minotaur.

Born through a classic bit of Greek bestiality, the Minotaur labyrinth was supposedly in Kommos. Indeed, bull figurines and a bull’s head have been found at this Cretian archaeological site.

Kommos is a 2.5 hour drive from Chania.

The Acheron River - Path to the Underworld

Corfu, Greece

The Acheron River was one of the five that bordered the Underworld. Known as the ‘river of the woe’, cos Orpheus had to cross it to reclaim his wife Eurydice but #SPOLIER failed miserably.

River of woe it may be, but it’s dang pretty.

The Acheron River is about an hour from Corfu (bus-ferry, bus, then taxi).

Delos - Birthplace of Artemis and Apollo

Mykonos, Greece

Delos used to be an island that floated about the place, going where it liked. But when Zeus knocked up the titan Leto, his wife Hera made a curse so that Leto couldn’t give birth on fixed land. Off to Delos she popped and gave birth to adorable god twins Artemis and Apollo, but since that day Delos has become a regular old fixed island as punishment for helping Leto.

Delos is a 30 min ferry ride from Mykonos.

Petra tou Romiou - Aphrodite’s Rock

Paphos, Cyprus

Goddess Aphrodite was born from the overspilled spunk that frothed out of old god Uranus’ severed dong. Aphrodite’s Rock is meant to be the place she first came (ahem) into existence and, for the godly equivalent of a crusty jizz sock, it’s surprisingly beaut.

Aphrodite’s Rock, or Petra tou Romiou, is a 20 min drive from Paphos or 30 mins from Limassol.