Tarragona's Mermaid School
Tarragona's Mermaid School


Tarragona, Spain

“Darling it’s better, down where it’s wetter take it from meeee”

The Little Mermaid sacked off Prince Eric and started her own summer school.

Yes we now live in a world where pumpkins are Presidents, cars drive by themselves and mermaids exist. Kind of...

Tarragona's Mermaid School

Head to Sirenas Mediterranean Academy in Tarragona where Susana Seuma founded Spain’s first mermaid school. After a car accident left her unable to dive she strapped on a tail and took to the sea 🧜

The academy offers various courses from Siren mythology to breathing practises to the full Ariel experience

But why though?

Mermaid swimming is not just for delusional maniacs, it’s a full core workout, toning the abs and strengthening the upper body. It also claims to reduce stress and anxiety from the release of endorphins. And you look pretty fab too.

Tarragona's Mermaid School

So strap on a shell bra and fill your Instagram with Ariel or King Triton poses.

Congrats - you’ve officially lost the run of yourself.

I'm sick of being a human

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