It's Time For.. Tehran


Tehran, Iran

Iran’s capital is a tug-of-war between ornate history and busy modern life.

There’s Persian bazaars, shisha cafes and rebellious street art, all tucked into the Alborz mountains.

It's boiling in summer, freezing in winter, but there's something kinda magical about seeing Tehran nestled into those snowy winter mountains.

You'll stumble into beautiful buildings in every corner of Tehran, but make sure you see these stunners.

Start with Golestan Palace (the palace of flowers), a walk-in kaleidoscope.

Then head to Imamzadeh Saleh. It’s an intricate shrine next to the Tajrish Bazaar - a smaller, less stressful version of the Grand Bazaar.

Finish at the Azadi Tower for a slice of modern architectural pie. It’s not as tall as the dominating Milad Tower, but wayyyy prettier and with great views over the city.

And you thought Westfields was hectic. Tehran's Grand Bazaar is rammed full of treasures, but it can be kinda... overwhelming.

Take a breather at the world’s smallest teahouse - past the genie lamps and magic carpets, you’ll find Kazem’s tea party for one.

Serving special ‘healing tea’ in his tiny tearoom since the days of the revolution, Kazem the tea-brewing philosopher lets you pay what you can afford.

Iran kicked out America’s diplomats 40 years ago and the world’s been hearing about it ever since.

Red, white and blue revolvers, a skeletal statue of liberty and apocalyptic murals cover the former embassy’s walls.

The building is now a propaganda museum, and the grounds are used to train Iran’s Revolutionary Guard.

Commissioned by the government, these anti-American murals give you the Iranian take on the global break-up.

Sum Up:

Tehran is the liberal heart of Iran. Yep, it’s fooking freezing in winter, but it’s better than trying to see the sights while your eyebrows sweat off. There’ll be way less crowds, a good chance of snow, and you can even go skiing

I'd love a cuppa, Kazem

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