£20 in... Stockholm


Stockholm, Sweden

The average daily spend for a tourist in Stockholm is £150… Christ on a catwalk. 😱

But where else can you watch a sexism-rated film, while eating a plate of reindeer meatballs before drowning in a sea of 7ft blond beauties at a forest rave? Nowhere else, that’s where.

So how far can you actually get with £20 in Stockholm…

What to See

Ride the underground. Sounds… fun.

Don’t worry you’re a long way from the Northern line here. Stockholm’s Tunnelbana is 110km of paintings, sculptures, mosaics and installations by 150 artists. Boom.

A single ticket costs about £3 and lasts an hour and a half. So you have exactly 75 mins to see the world’s longest free(ish) art exhibition. Make sure you get to Kungsträdgården and Östermalmstorg (See above).

What to do

Forget the Abba Museum or the garish Gröna Lund amusement park.

This time of year it’s all about swimming in the canals or paddling off the city’s beaches. Långholmsbadet and Smedsuddsbadet are the best.

If sand makes you cry or you just love yourself a museum, Moderna Museet (the modern art museum) is free on a Friday between 18:00-20:00. The Swedish History Museum and the Army Museum are always free.

Where to Drink

Bars? Don’t even think about it, unless you can afford a £9 pint or a £15 Gin and Tonic. 🙅

It’s off to the Systembolaget (off-licence) with you. Pistonhead lager is a local (relatively) cheap option and it has a friendly looking skull on the can.

Or grab a bottle of wine and head for the park. Watch out for the crazy (extremely inconvenient) opening hours of the off-licences, you can’t buy alcohol from any old shop here.

What to Eat

Head for the food trucks. There’re all over the city and will keep your hanger under control for a fiver.

The Herring Wagon is a local favourite. It serves freshly caught fish on rye bread with lingonberry sauce for about £3.

Feeling a tad more flush? Meatballs for the People will do you a plate of traditional meatballs with a side of mash for about £12.

Go When?

Summer. This one’s non-negotiable. You’re eating and drinking in parks and beaches my friend, in a Swedish winter you would die. 💀

Stockholm’s never gonna be a budget traveller’s best mate - you have to be savvy to keep the Kroner in your pocket.

But if you leave the bars and restaurants to the ballers you can enjoy this Scandi-cool city on the cheap.