Hi I'm... Jūrmala

Hi I'm... Jūrmala

Jūrmala, Latvia

Jūrmala... Jūrmaaaala…

Yep, us neither.

But it turns out Jūrmala is Latvia’s seaside playground. Just half an hour from Riga, it’s packing sand, sea and a giant, beautiful bog...

Some call it the Baltic Riviera, but that sounds like a place where testicles go to die. Let’s stick with Jūrmala.

What’s the vibe?

Sea, sun and sand. Except in winter, when it’s sea, snow and sand hidden under snow.

Jūrmala used to be a cluster of fishing villages, but with Tsars and Russian pop princesses heading here to soak up the brine-y air it’s grown into a vibesy town.

The architecture is a weird blend of ornate wooden houses and giant concrete buildings.

The Beach

Just like Leo DiCap, Jūrmala’s all about the beach. It starts to get warm around May, with July usually as the hottest month.

But don’t skip Jūrmala in winter - make snow angels on the snowy sand to have all your Christmassy dreams come true.

Love a bit of R&R? Good - Jūrmala’s packed with spa hotels. The most traditional is a mud bath wrap, with mud from local lakes. Get it at the Baltic Beach Spa.

Food & Drink

All that rest got you feeling peckish? Jomas Street, Jūrmala’s main pedestrian road, is full of bars, cafes and restaurants.

Bar & Grill 36 Line is best for classy seafood. Kūriņš on the beach serves up giant Latvian portions with live local music.

Not the beach

Aside from beach, beach and more beach, Jūrmala does have some culture to enjoy.

Dzintari Concert Hall is your one for everything from pop to opera. The time warp at Jūrmala’s City Museum lets you look at some of the fugliest swimsuits in the world - they are vintage though...

You mentioned a bog…

This isn’t just any bog. Kemeri National Park is a trail of planks with birds, wild horses, sulphur springs, a food market and a healing spa.

Sum Up:

Jurmala = beach, Baltic bikinis and a bog. Now you know.