Midsummer Festivals
Midsummer Festivals


Most countries in Europe have a tradition of midsummer booze ups, when the pagans celebrated the longest day of the year.

Nowadays, people get together to build giant bonfires, wear flower crowns and generally get midsummered (i.e. drunk).


Tjorn, Sweden

In Sweden, Midsommar is almost as big as Christmas. Everyone heads to the countryside for a giant lunch with pickled herring, unsweetened Schnapps, a midnight skinny dip and a frog dance (yep).

Hire a car and drive an hour from Gothenburg to central island Tjorn. Then try and get invited to a local’s lunch - make yourself a krans to show you’re interested.

June 22nd, free.

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Body & Soul Festival

Ballinlough, Ireland

At this solstice-inspired music festival there’s acrobats in the air, cider in your pint glass and glitter in places you didn't want it. Plus, Octavian.

As well as being a magical tribute to paganism, it’s pretty much just a banger of a festival – oh, and it's their 10th birthday 🎈

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Ålesund, Norway

If flowers and fairy lights aren’t really your bag, there’s always building a giant tower and then setting it on FIRE 🔥 🔥 🔥

At Slinningsbalet (Norwegian for giantfuckingfire, probably), the flames are supposed to echo the rays of a sinking sun. Also, who doesn't love burning stuff?

Each year they build it higher, and then some poor soul has to climb it, light the fuse, and scurry back down as fast as poss.

Health and Safety just isn’t a thing in Norway.

Alesund's a hefty bus or drive from Trondheim (or you can get a direct flight from Amsterdam).

June 22nd, free.

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