£20 in... Tallinn
£20 in... Tallinn


Tallinn, Estonia

The Soviets left in 1991, and Tallinn finally got its happily ever after…

Terracotta turrets pop up across the medieval skyline. Cobbled streets wind into sunny squares where locals hang out and drink craft beer. Ahhh.

The Estonian capital is dreamy, but isn’t swamped with tourists so it’s still got some of that sweet ex-Soviet cheapness.

But just how far will £20 get you in Tallinn?

Do This

St Catherine’s Passage might sound like porn for monks, but it’s actually the Medievaliest of all the Medieval streets in Tallinn’s Old Town. Gwan and have a peek for free 👀

At City Gallery, you’ll spend hours wondering whether it’s a piece of art you’re looking at or a nest of incontinent mice. Super weird, super free. What’s not to like?

£20 in... Tallinn

Dayum, look at the curves on that!

Push on. Kadriorg Park is one of the most symmetrical in the world after a Russian Tsar came and showed the locals how to use a ruler. It’ll cost you sweet FA.

Yer mam doesn’t want a keyring of St Nicholas’ Church.

Head to Telliskivi Creative City (Tallinn’s Shoreditch) for a flea market stuffed with odd souvenirs every Saturday. There’s obscure vinyl, homemade hapukapsas (sauerkraut) and retro garms. Score.

A stadium built to show the superiority of Soviet concrete doesn’t sound like a laugh-a-minute... But Linnahall has been transformed by locals into a sweet hangout spot.

It’s crumbling a bit (guess the concrete wasn’t that good...) but you can climb onto the roof to watch the sun come up after an all-nighter. It’s what Stalin wouldn’t have wanted.

£20 in... Tallinn

Eat This

For lunch, it’s got to be famous Estonian dumplings. Buttery but not butters, you can buy 'em off any street corner for about €1.50.

£20 in... Tallinn

Dinner at Ill Draakon means Elk Meat Soup and a nap for only €3. Eh?

This Tallinn institution is a Medieval tavern serving local delicacies for a couple of quid. You have to slurp your soup straight from the bowl, and the waiters are known for being jokers. If that wasn’t enough, you can hire a bunk at the back for a euro an hour - strictly sleeping only…

£20 in... Tallinn

Drink Here

Levist Väljas is the ringleader of Tallinn’s bar gang.

Chug kali (fermented break drink... yumm) with students, back-packers and rastas. This medieval dive bar is known for its cheap drinks and chaos.

Sinilind is an easy-going cafe by day, throbbing dance hole by night. Take the plunge with €3 local liquors - what’s the worst that could happen? 🙊

£20 in... Tallinn

Sum Up

Tallinn is too pretty to be so goddam cheap. Make sure you get there before the rest of the world catches on.

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