Sitges takes on Barcelona
Sitges takes on Barcelona


Sitges, Spain

Barcelona is the Catalan capital, with a free-spirited swag other cities dream of.

But its little brother Sitges (just half an hour down the coast) is stepping out of Barcelona’s shadow.

With vibesy nightlife and beaches, you’d guess Sitges would be full of bellends, but think again...


Barcelona’s got beaches that'll make your bum cheeks blush.

But Sitges has got (count ‘em) SEVENTEEN strips of sand-n-blue. You can crawl your way round them all in about 3 hours. But you mayyy want to pause for a paddle and an ice cream from a chiringuito (beach shack).

Note: some beaches are nudist, some are not. Try not to mix them up 🍆

Sitges takes on Barcelona


Yep, the food in Barcelona’s peng - you’ve got your paellas and your cheap and delicious pintxos. But (whisper it) some people say tourism has made the restaurants there a bit... ‘mainstream’.

Sitges has fewer places to eat, but they’re all blasting out the good stuff.

For starters, grab some Pa Amb Tomaquet - slices of toasted bread, with garlic, ripe tomatoes and a drizzle of olive oil.

Nearby ports mean the seafood’s fresh - Paella Marinera and Negre (seafood and squid ink), Fideua (the crispy noodle version of paella) and Xato (a special Sitges salad) are fishy faves.

Being Gay

Barcelona's a liberal city, with a thriving gay scene, but Sitges is one of the best gay destinations in the world.

Platja de la Bassa Rodona is like Hampstead Heath for beaches (make sure Grindr’s ON). There’s a Gay Carnival, Gay Pride and Gay Spring Break (why does adding the word ‘gay’ in front make everything sound better??). There’s a monument against Homophobia. And the nightlife's off the chain (Privilege, Parrots Pub and Queenz are the best).

Whichever way you swing, the open friendliness of the scene makes Sitges hum with joy 🙌

Sitges takes on Barcelona

Sum Up

Barcelona is the big boy, but Sitges has got its own unique flex. It's away from the tourist hordes and will show you a whole new side to Catalonia. Check it out for delicious food, secret beaches and a sloppy-kiss welcome.

Mmmm paella

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