Look What We Found: August
Look What We Found: August


🌍 Our Top 5 Travel Tips for August 🌍

The best travel promotions, new openings, special events and weird shiz every month…

Look What We Found: August

1. Prada Goes Eco-Friendly

Prada’s new travel bags are rubbish 👜

And we love them! Prada’s just launched Re-Nylon, a new collection of bags made with eco-friendly, ocean waste materials. By 2021 they’ll have replaced their whole range with this sustainable material 👏

Look What We Found: August

2. Helsinki Festival

Helsinki, Finland

World’s best lullaby - guaranteed at Helsinki Fest 🍼

An 8 hour sleepover with a Max Richter soundtrack... Where do we sign up? Finland’s big dog arts festival is back. This year the epic lineup includes ‘Sleep’ by Richter and other art, tech, and wellbeing performances . The festival Begins Aug 16th.

Look What We Found: August

3. Raffles Re-opening

Singapore, Singapore

Singapore Sling anyone? 🍹

Inventor of cocktails and monkey nut bars, Raffles Hotel is reopening in Aug following a mammoth renovation. It’s the same old-school glam but heavy hitters like Anne-Sophie Pic (3 Michelin stars) and Alain Ducasse (of The Dorchester) are coming on board.

Look What We Found: August

4. ClassPass Go

Let's get physical 💪

Now you can workout even when you’re on your holidays (joy!) ClassPass (the subscription service) have launched a new audio fitness app so you can workout on the go. Pilates in Bali anyone?

Look What We Found: August

5. Eggslut Opening

London, United Kingdom

Who you calling an egg slut? 🍳

Brioche buns loaded with local eggs and topped with stuff like wagyu steak and smoked bacon - Eggslut is the people’s champ. This American restaurant is opening on Portobello Road Aug 7th. God bless ‘merica.