Sunbathe on the Moon
Sunbathe on the Moon


Milos, Greece

“This is just like sunbathing on the moon, except I’m not slowly dying from asphyxiation because of the lack of oxygen.”

“Erm, yep. Pass the Factor 30 please.”

The lunar look of Sarakiniko beach is caused by... something to do with erosion, rocks and geography 😴

The important thing is, it looks like the motherlicking moon.

Mince about like a regular Neil Armstrong, but in 35 degree heat and with zero astronaut training.

There isn’t much sand, but you can set yourself up with a towel on the rocks.

They’re slippy, but not so bad you end up falling arse over tit into the sea.

Sunbathe on the Moon

As well as moon-y fun (steady), Sarakiniko has secret treasures to explore.

There’s a maze of tunnels under the rock. Pirates? Moon aliens? Nahh, they were actually made for mines in WW2.

You can walk through them if you’re not afraid of the dark, small spaces or undiscovered bombs.

Sunbathe on the Moon

If you follow the sea from Sarakiniko towards the east, you’ll soon spot a rusty old shipwreck.

The tanker crashed on the beach during a storm in 2003, and has been left as a charming snorkelling attraction.

Sunbathe on the Moon

From Corfu, get a ferry to Igoumenitsa, then it’s a 45min drive or taxi. Don’t even think about walking in that heat.

Ground Control to Major Tom

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