Look What We Found: SeptemberLook What We Found: September


🌍 Our Top 5 Travel Tips for September 🌍

The best travel promotions, new openings, special events and weird shiz every month…

1. A hotel for your plants

Do your plants need a holiday? 🌵

The Patch Plant hotel is a free service where you can book your plants in to be minded while you head off on holidays. Yep the world’s gone mad - in a friendly, whimsical way.

2. Oyster Festival Galway

Galway City, Ireland

Just here for the pearls 📿

This festival is second only to St Paddy’s Day in importance. There’s an ‘Oyster Olympics’ and an oyster shucking championship. Not the competitive type? There’s foodie talks and FREE tastings. Guzzle the slippery stuff straight from the shell with your champers while listening to live music. Festival begins September 27th.

3. Generations: A History of Black Abstract Art

Baltimore, United States

Take a long-overdue bow 🎨

The likes of Norman Lewis, Alma W. Thomas, and Lorna Simpson are highlighted in a new exhibition which showcases the contribution black artists have made from the 1940s to the present day. Starts on the 29th of September and runs til January the 19th.

4. Seaweed sleepwear

Sleep in seaweed 💤

Leticia Credidio uses seaweed fabric to create sustainable sleepwear - this is what Ariel would wear to bed. Think silky nightgowns and coral reef-inspired nightdresses made from biodegradable cotton 🐠

5. Silo is Coming to London

London, United Kingdom

Pre-industrial food system. Errr like rations? 🗑

Doug McMaster is bringing his zero-waste restaurant from Brighton to London this summer. The furniture is upcycled, the plates are made from plastic bags, and the food is also sourced locally - anything that’s not used? It’s chucked in the compost machine to help make more food. Circle of life stuff. Opens this September.