Giant Asturian Mansions Giant Asturian Mansions


Asturias, Spain

Pastel-coloured Cuban mansions in medieval Spanish villages…. What?

About 100 years ago a load of Asturians moved to Central and South America and made a ton of cash-dollah. When the families returned home they built these monsters to show off their new found wealth. 💸

Just like the mansions in Havana, these guys have giant pillars, domes, patios and personality oozing out of every brick.

The only real difference is that they’re plonked in the middle of the Spanish countryside... so stick out like a vegan in a butchershop.

Quinta de Guadalupe is one of the best preserved examples of the ‘Casa Indianas’ and is now a museum of Emmigration.

You can learn all about the history of emmigration in this region and explore the ridiculously good-looking interior of this beaut.

Many of the mansions have been abandoned over the years so they’re easy to sneak into for a private viewing.

Just watch out for rotting floorboards and cat-sized rats.

You’ll find a list of the best ones here.