£20 in... Kiev

£20 IN... KIEV

Kiev, Ukraine

Kiev is as delicious as its chicken namesake (chicken kievs) and as cheap as chips.

The Ukrainian capital is where Slavic civilisation was born, and where your liver comes to die. With its massive parks, bizarre sculptures and silly cheap drinks how far will £20 stretch here…

Kiev’s museums are a mixed bag. If you’re a fan of dark and twisted stuff then head to the death mask collection at One Street (£2). Equally bleak (but important) is the Chernobyl museum (£2 pictured).

For something less wrist-slitty try the museum of microart (£5). You’ll see art so small it fits in the eye of a needle. Cray. There’s also a free sculpture park to wander around.

There’s other wacko sculptures all over the city - the manic blue cat, the giant toad or join these lads (above) for a piss.

All the parks are free so spend your money on coffee (or wine) from the street venders - get either for £1 a pop.

Now it’s warm enough to eat outside, grab a burger from Furgoneta truck (£3) and save the rest for beer (under £2 a pint in almost all bars).

Finish your cheapo day at a converted tile factory for underground techno (£5).

Sum up:

Kiev is silly cheap. You could try and spend your £20 on culture but it’s more likely you’ll end up buying rounds with the friendliest locals in Europe… and still find a fiver in the back of your jeans in the morning.