Downton Abbey... in Real Life
Downton Abbey... in Real Life


“Don’t be defeatist, dear. It is very middle class.”

Affairs, illegitimate kids, and women wearing trousers - Downton Abbey is Made in Chelsea without all the drink throwing 🍸

The film’s coming to the UK September 13th so what better time to revisit the fam 👋

This is Downton Abbey… in Real Life…

Highclere Castle

Hampshire, United Kingdom

Julian Fellowes (show creator) is pals with the Earl and Countess of Carnarvon who live in Highclere Castle - the real Downton Abbey…

Yep, you need better mates.

Highclere is where Lord and Lady Grantham live with professor McGonagall and a few whiny kids who shoulda left home by now.

It’s in Berkshire - AKA Hunter welly, Barbour jacket country. Stroll around the dreamy grounds then mince about the house like a regular Hugh Bonneville.

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St Mary’s Church

Oxford, United Kingdom

Hold it together. This is where Edith was jilted at the altar during season three by Anthony Strallan (he was punching anyway).

St Mary’s Church in Bampton is the scene of the crime 💒

From here drive to the 5-star Vineyard at Stockross, which is apparently where Maggie Smith stayed during filming… Method acting is it, Mags? 💅

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Horsted Keynes Station

Sussex, United Kingdom

Horsted Keynes Station is part of the Bluebell Railway Heritage line. Mary waves Matthew off to war here and Mrs Crawley goes into early labour at the same station.

It’s a short stroll from St. Giles Church where Prime Minister Harold MacMillan is buried.

War, labour, and dead PMs… Yep, bit of a bleak day trip this one ⛈

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Byfleet Manor

Surrey, United Kingdom

"We'll have to take her abroad, in these moments you can usually find an Italian who's not too picky."

Byfleet Manor is the Dowager Violet’s gaff. Many an insult has been dropped over an afternoon tea here ☕

You can smash sandwiches and sip from china cups (pinky raised) in the ‘Downton Room’, and even stay overnight in the West Wing.

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Lincoln Castle

The Peak District, United Kingdom

We all remember the fateful Christmas of 2011...

Bates turned crim (or did he) and got locked up at York Prison, which is really Lincoln Castle. It was the whodunit that put us all off our mince pies 🕵

Everyone’s favourite valet was accused of murdering his ex-wife - cue moody dishevelled close-ups and a serious lack of presents from the big man.

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