Oktoberfest... What's the deal?


Munich, Germany

A festival dedicated to dressing up like Hansel & Gretel and getting mashed. Sold 🍻

Oktoberfest has a split personality. Sure there’s a bit of a lads on tour vibe but this is also the world’s largest folk festival. That means good wholesome fun in the form of fairground rides and marching bands.

In fact most visitors are Bavarians or other Germans (85%), if you’re worried about louts steer clear of the Hofbräu tent - it’s always packed with rowdy tourists. Schottenhamel tent and Marstall tent are good bets.

This year things kick off on the 21st of September and run til the 6th of October, catch parades, music festivals and the tapping of the beer barrel (huh?) Check the website for dates and times here.

Or sack off the frills and get stuck into the main event: drinking litre steins of sweet Bavarian beer 😍

Soak it up with giant pretzels, pork knuckles and thick meaty sausage.

Top Tips:

* Reserve a table in a tent here especially if you’ve got a group.
* Bring cash, card isn’t accepted and the ATM queues are long ting.
* Dress up - you’ll find lederhosen (men) and dirndls (women) in shops across Munich.