Paris BelowParis Below


Paris, France

When you hear someone’s a ‘cataphile’ you just know they can’t be into anything good.

There’s over 200km of interlinking passageways under Paris. Cataphiles are the mad bastards who LOVE catacombs so much, they break into these secret tunnels just for the LOLs.

Despite the fact there’s THOUSANDS of skeletons down there, the cataphiles break in for all sorts of wholesome fun.

They throw parties down there.

Host extravagant dinners (sooooooo French…)

Make a bit of DIY art.

Even go for a little swim...

Apparently the water is ‘crystal clear’, and there’s no sewage or rotting human corpse juice whatsoever.

This brave lad made a short film about the maze of underwater tunnels down there, scuba diving his way through them with the help of an anonymous ‘Plongeur’ (diver) who does it on the regs.

Be warned: two teenagers got trapped down there near a mass grave for three days and got hypothermia 😱

There’s also a website that describes the problems that can come from breaking in - cascading rubble, dehydration and “moments of intense fear”. FUN.

It’s kinda very illegal (see above for why), but that doesn’t stop these subterranean nutters doing their thing.

For all the fun, without the squits-inducing sense of terror, opt for the official catacomb museum tour instead for €29.