The Micronation of LadoniaThe Micronation of Ladonia


Ladonia, Sweden

It might look like a bit of leftover set from The Blair Witch Project, but this giant pile of twigs is actually The Micronation of Ladonia dontcha know.

Ladonia was originally created to protect a driftwood tower from being destroyed. Err, what??

In 1980, artist Lars Vilks started building some driftwood sculptures in Kullaberg Nature Reserve. When the authorities found the sculpture 'Nimis', they said he had to take it down.

But Lars is no quitter. He sold Nimis to his friend so that it counted as private property. Then he announced the area round the sculpture was the micronation of Ladonia (a self-proclaimed nation that isn’t officially recognised), so it couldn’t be removed.

Oh Lars, you kook 😍

Kinda surprisingly, it worked. Ladonia now has a queen, a nomadic population of over 15,000, and even had a war with the satirical Armed Coalition Forces of the Internets.

To tell you the truth, getting there is a massive ballache. From Malmo, you have to drive for an hour to Kullaberg, then get a boat or do the 40min hike to the rocky beach (it’s pretty full on). Follow the yellow ‘N’s painted on trees and fences.

Some sicko set a tower on fire last year and about a quarter of it burned down. But Nimis is still a giant Neverland-style maze of driftwood that's deffo worth the trip.