A New Side to... Lanzarote A New Side to... Lanzarote


Lanzarote, Spain


Don’t think so mate.

Often dismissed as a soulless, resort destination for package holidays, it’s time people saw a new side to Lanzarote…

“Lanzarote is like an unframed, unmounted work of art and I hung it and held it up for all to see.”

Enter César Manrique, local artist and main man who stopped the overdevelopment of the island and promoted its uniquely weird volcanic landscape.

Like Timanfaya National Park. Home to Lanzarote’s red martian beaches and miles of volcanic planes straight out of a Spielberg film.

You can hire a bike and explore the Montañas del Fuego (Fire Mountains), just keep one eye open for little green men. 👽

While you’re in the park, might as well get some grub.

El Diablo restaurant uses geothermal heat FROM A VOLCANO to cook your food.

Watch bursts of hot vapour rise through the iron grill to brown your steak. Wild.

Not a nuclear power spill, nature's just got a bit confused...

The lake at El Golfo is acid green thanks to volcanic minerals and micro-organisms. If you’re lucky you might find some olivine, the semi-precious green stone.

Yep the island has a lot to thank César Manrique for.

Painter, sculptor, architect, interior designer, environmental activist and all round good guy, he was Lanzarote’s number 1 celeb.

Visit his ridiculous Jameos del Agua (pictured above) and his house which he built into volcanic craters and now displays his finest works.

Still on that art vibe? Head under the sea for Europe’s only underwater museum.

300 life sized statues make up thought-provoking installations like the current refugee crisis and selfie-culture.

Sure, in and around Arrecife you’ll find some dodgy karaoke bars and a few tacky beach resorts, but it’s pretty easy to escape the full-English breakfast brigade.

Lanzarote’s like a fantasy land of bizarre nature, unusual art… and yep some of the best beaches in Europe.