It's Bath Time It's Bath Time


There’s more wrinkled fingers here than an old folks home on bingo night.

Yep the weather’s turned, you’re cold and a bit dirty, there’s only one thing to do… It’s Bath Time 🛀

Friedrichsbad Roman Baths

Baden Baden, Germany

“You lose track of time within ten minutes and track of the world within twenty.” Mark Twain after a splash round Friedrichsbad...

Roman baths with magical powers, even the ugliest of English footballers have been cured here (sorry Wayne).

Stroke the marble pillars as you drift dozily from mineral water bath to sauna. Winter can’t find you here.

Europe’s Biggest Spa Complex

Hajdúszoboszló, Hungary

The only place in the world where brown pool water is a good thing…

The Hajdúszoboszló Baths (dare you to pronounce that) are known to cure everything from asthma to acne… mad.

Don’t fancy the brown? There’s a massive artificial beach complete with aqua wave pool and a slide called ‘the tsunami’.

Széchenyi Mineral Baths

Budapest, Hungary

The Roman way to cure a hangover.

Sweat it all out in the Széchenyi Baths. A lemony vision of warmth, you’ve come a long way from your own crusty bathtub.

Watch pruney locals play floating chess or catch one of the Saturday night bath parties where DJs take over the spa.