Look What We Found: OctoberLook What We Found: October


🌍 Our Top 5 Travel Tips for October 🌍

The best travel promotions, new openings, special events and weird shiz every month…

1. Vans x Finisterre

Help the planet… buy shoes 👟

Vans has teamed up with Finisterre to make their most sustainable shoe yet 👏 They’ve smooshed together Finisterre’s environmental knowledge and Van’s footwear knowhow to create outdoorsy planet loving shoes.

2. Unsound Festival

Krakow, Poland

A festival for thinkers 🤔

Words like ‘underground’ and ‘experimental’ shouldn’t put you off, the Krakow locals are a friendly bunch 🍺 Head to Poland’s Unsound festival 6th - 13th for artists, films, and performances. This years theme is Solidarity 👫

3. Fighting for Visibility

Berlin, Germany

Didn’t realise I’d put my invisibility cloak on today 🙄

The Nationalgalerie in Berlin is having the first in-depth study of all its works done by women painters and sculptors pre-1919. Gwan girls 🏅 Expect art from the likes of Käthe Kollwitz and lots of important equal rights discussion. Catch it 11th October- January 26th.

4. Trivet

London, United Kingdom

Errr this duck is red wine drunk 🍷

Trivet is coming to Southwark 29th October and it’s bringing potato mille-feuille and sake gelato desserts with it. Yep, they’ve lost the plot, but in a really tasty way 🍴 The restaurant is headed up by Ex Fat Duck chef, Jonny Lake, and master sommelier, Isa Bal.

5. Austin City Limits Festival

Austin, United States

‘Grab yer cowboy boots - we’re going to Texas’ 👢

Guns N Roses, Billie Eilish, and Tame Impala are coming to Austin 4th-6th October and 11th-13th October for Austin City Limits. Money from ticket sales goes towards the upkeep of Austin’s parks. It’s a win win.