The Addams Family... in Real Life
The Addams Family... in Real Life


“This is my costume. I’m a homicidal maniac. They look just like everyone else.”

Wednesday Addams is a 90’s mood.

The family that The Telegraph described as “iconic” and Time magazine compared to the Kennedys is back in time for Halloween (hello, genius marketing 👋)

The new film version is packing Charlize Theron, Chloe Grace Moretz, and err Snoop Dogg 🌿

This is The Addams Family… in Real Life…

Toluca Lake

Los Angeles, United States

A ‘play room’ with medieval racks, nail beds, and stockades… Didn’t know you liked the Addams Family, Christian Grey 🍆

Back in the comic strip days, the Addams’s gaff was pretty run-down but it got a fresh lick of paint for the TV show and moved to 0001 Cemetery Lane ☠

The 1991 film went even bigger and used swanky Toluca Lake in LA for filming. In real life there’s a private lake and Miley Cyrus used to live here… Good luck getting anywhere near these gates with your sticky fingers.

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Nairobi, Kenya

“He looks so sweet... just like a little entrée.”

As well as being an adorable little snack, Pugsley, (the youngest Addams fam member) goes to a medical school in Nairobi to become a witch doctor. Not offensive at all.

The Kenyan capital is also home to Gomez’s game reserve, which has bat caves and howling hyenas.

IRL Nairobi is a sprawling chaotic city where humans and lions live in close quarters 🦁 Haunted mansion or safari? Yeah, lions over ghosts every time.

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New Jersey

New York, United States

“Thing, you’re a handful”...

Thing is a severed hand. Keep up ✋

The new film sees the Addams fam move to New Jersey - obvs for the pizza and Jersey Shore.

Stroll along the boardwalk and hang with Lady Liberty herself at the State Park. There’s not a dismembered hand in sight. Lovely.

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