Look What We Found: NovemberLook What We Found: November


🌍 Our Top 5 Travel Tips for November 🌍

The best travel promotions, new openings, special events and weird shiz every month…

1. MoMA’s New Lewk

MoMA, that you? 💅

MoMA’s been having a facelift. Check out the new performance area and get deep in the Creativity Lab. All the extra space means a more diverse mix of artists too.

Head to New York from October 21st for the brand new MoMA.

2. Sustainable Phone Accessories

“My phone’s going plant-based” 🌽

Nimble makes their phone chargers and cases out of stuff like organic hemp and recycled aluminium. Buy a product from them and they’ll recycle one pound of e-waste (old phones and tech) in their One-for-One Tech Recovery Project. It’s what Bill Gates would want.

3. Pushkar Camel Fair

A camel beauty contest? Now this I could win… 🐫

Think snake charmers and fortune tellers, dancers and musicians, all getting their party on under the full autumn moon. There’s even a beauty contest where camels are decked out in rainbow pom-poms. After a day of camel trading take a dip in Pushkar Lake - it’s supposed to absolve your sins.

Go to Pushkar, India from 2nd - 11th November to catch the fair.

4. Davies and Brook at Claridges

Claridges gets some Swiss cheese 🧀

Claridges is getting a new restaurant headed up by a world-famous Swiss chef. Daniel Humm (of Eleven Madison Park) will take the helm at Davies and Brook. This is being tipped as the biggest opening of the year… you can probs book a table for 2020.

Head to London and start queuing - opens November.

5. Räbechilbi Turnip Festival

Play with your food 🔪

Head to the shores of Lake Zurich to carve faces in turnips (some master carvers do tigers and flowers) then fill up on street food sausage. When the light fades a brass band plays and the turnip parade begins - all 26 tonnes of it.

Catch it November 9th in Richterswil - it's a 20 minute drive from Zürich.