3 Eco Adventures in... Sweden


Gothenburg, Sweden

In Sweden the King drives a biofuel Volvo, people go ‘plogging’ - which means picking up litter while jogging - and the prison won an eco-award…

Sweden is saving the world one plant-based crim at a time 🌿

Here’s how to enjoy all the coastal islands, thick forests, and glaciers without ruining it for your not-yet-born grandkids 🍼

Meet the Sámi Reindeer

Is that… A marshmallow on stilts?

Reindeer calves taking their first wobbly steps like drunk supermodels - enough to restore your faith in mankind.

Skip around Lapland going on snowy sleigh rides to waterfalls and feeding reindeers their dinner - Nutti Sami Siida gives you the whole Narnia experience ⛄

The Sámi people have been living here for ages and know how to show the land some goddamn respect. This biz has been accredited by Nature’s Best Sweden, Sustainable Arctic Destination, and the Sámi Experience 🏆

It's a 5 hour drive from Tromsø - stay overnight in one of the Sámi lavvu tents. The ‘bed’ of twigs and reindeer skins are cosier than they sound.

Seafood Safari

Boat tour followed by a bath? It’s how you deserve to live 💅

Grebbestad is a screensaver of a fishing village where houses with orange roofs sit politely by the sea. It’s also where 90% of Sweden’s oysters come from.

Brothers, Lars and Per, are expert fishermen who run an eco-certified sea-harvesting company 🏅 Go for an oyster safari on one of their electric boats. The only safari where you can eat what you see (hopefully) 🐆

Learn about the different species and how to shuck (open them) then knock a few back - straight from the salty sea.

Get back to the boathouse and hop in one of the 40 degree wood-burning barrels for a bath 🛀

Midnight Ride

In the northernmost part of Sweden (near Kebnekaise), the Icelandic horses have blown-out manes and fluffy coats… The temptation to stroke these guys with your face is strong.

Kerstin Nilsson and Mats Blind-Berg have 25 horses. They also have a stable cat called Lunar and two goats. Oh, and in winter the moose start sniffing around. If you don’t like animals, you shouldn’t come here.

Take the Midnight Sun Tour and trot past ice-capped mountains drenched in an orangey glow. After riding through pine forests stop for coffee and a chat with your steed 🐴

Ofelaš has all kinds of awards for keeping their environmental impact low and conserving the local landscape 👏

It's a 5 hour drive from Tromsø, but worth the extra mileage.