£20 in... Düsseldorf£20 in... Düsseldorf


Düsseldorf, Germany

Düsseldorf is where cool people who like art and vintage stores live.

Powder pink rococo mansions snuggle up with post-modernist steel and glass - and everybody’s smashing the Altbier 🍺

But just how far will £20 get you in Düsseldorf?

Free stuff

Düsseldorf is coming for Berlin’s art crown 👑

There are alt-art warehouses hiding around every corner 🔎and Gerhard Richter - abstract art legend - is an alum of the Arts Academy.

Head to K20 for Edvard Munch (The Scream 😱) and Dalí surrealism. Come after 6pm on the first Wednesday of each month and it’s free, instead of €12 💸

More free stuff? Course you do.

The Heinrich Heine Institut - dedicated to the poet - has a happy hour (free entry) after 4pm erryday. Learn about the poet's home life and the Nazi campaign to discredit him.

The Film Museum also has free entry one hour after closing - go for yellowing vintage posters and rare special effects items 👾


Green spaces should always be free ✊

Walk along The Rhine promenade for the Schlossturm (last part of the City Palace) or head to the leafy walkways of Nordpark 🍃 Not enough nature? Feed the deer at Wildpark Grafenberg and try not to piss off the boars 🐗

Under a fiver

You don’t know your Altbier limit… no one does.

This fermented lager is native to the region. The prices are low and the alcohol content is hiiiigh. You do the math 😵

Head to Old Town for beer halls. Zum Uergie is one of the best. These guys have a microbrewery where they’ve been knocking out Altbier since the 1860s 🍻

Ask for Sticke if you’re feeling brave - it’s an off-menu stronger, maltier Altbier.

A glass here will set you back €2.30… you’ve got change for some liverwurst 💰Try out the competition at Brewery in the Fox - it’s within stumbling distance and their altbier is €2.

Trippy modern art 🎨? Ideal after a day of smashing the Altbiers…

Head to Philara between 4-8 pm on Fridays and you just have to pay a donation. This gallery has a Berlin vibe - think old warehouse by the train tracks.

Under a tenner

You’ve got a whole tenner in your pocket. Eat it 🍴

Flingern is a bohemian neighbourhood with plenty of kaffee und kuchen (coffee and cake) stops 🍰

Cafe Huftgold takes coffee and cake to an afternoon tea level. Come here for freshly brewed coffee and a homemade slice ☕ Get the apple cake with a toasty crumb topping.

Like your cake stop high concept? Momania gets you. The sweet treats here are likely to have gold-leaf and artfully scattered berries as garnish 🍓 A slice and some fresh juice won’t leave you much change from a tenner.

Work off the bake bloat with a stroll along Lorettorstrasse. A street of independent stores where you can pick up second-hand clothes for under a tenner 👌

Splash out

Want to get fancy? The big D has got you covered 👍

Tonhalle is Düsseldorf’s little-big concert hall. It’s the swanky red-brick building with a green dome hat. There are 2,000 seats but it feels cozy and intimate… probs the velvety cushions and hug-shaped seating.

This guy used to be a planetarium and the mirrored ceiling still lights up like twinkling constellations ⭐

The Düsseldorf Symphony is the resident orchestra. Tickets to see them start at around 20 euro. Too spenny? Sometimes visiting pianists will do a free concert at the Steinway and Sons store on Immermannstrasse 🎹

Tired of Düsseldorf? Go to Turkey (kinda). A traditional Turkish Hamam - squished between German bakeries and bars - will set you back €35. For that you get access to the steam bath and sauna plus a full-body peeling (best not to ask).

Extras like the hot stone foam massage and face mask will rack the rate up to €58.