3 Walled Cities3 Walled Cities


“I will build a great wall, and nobody builds walls better than me - believe me."

Back in the day, when walls were actually necessary to protect yourselves from enemies, these cities built them high and built them strong.

So strong, that they’ve lasted through wars, earthquakes and that period in the seventies when everything got rebuilt to look like a giant shoebox.

Here’s 3 Walled Cities you can visit now...


Kotor, Montenegro

“Which way to the cable car?”

Sorry pal, the only way to get up Kotor’s city wall is using your own two feet.

Started in the 9th century and finished into a circle in the 15th (slackers), there’s ramparts, forts, bastions, gates and churches all along them - ten points if you can tell what’s what.

Climb to St. John’s Fortress for a bird’s eye view of the medieval city.


Valletta, Malta


Lamplit at night, the winding streets of Malta’s ‘Silent City’ feel like they’ve been frozen in time.

With only 250 people living there, no wonder it’s pretty quiet.

The ex-capital of Malta has been knocking about since 700BC. These days it’s repping a mix of Norman and Baroque architecture, loadsa palaces and a moat 💅

Once you’ve passed through the ancient gate, follow the yellowstone walls to the cathedral.


Dubrovnik, Croatia

Looking up at the 24m high walls of Dubrovnik, you’d be forgiven for thinking they don’t like visitors.

But things have chilled out since the 13th century, with Kings, Queens, Angelina Jolie and Armani all holidaying here.

It’s a 2km walk, often in searing heat, but goddayummm those views (also, there’s a bar in the south wall for a cheeky margarita break).

Get there early or in the evening to avoid the heat and crowds - one day a record 10,000 people bought entrance tickets.